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Byproducts of Premarin; buy premarin in the UKPremarin Side Affects

side affects of using premarin

a first migraine attack.

a sudden loss or change in vision.

shortness of breath.

sharp pains in the chest.


red, painful, swollen calves.

Premarin may cause some unwanted effects, most

of which are not serious and you need only tell your doctor if you are troubled by any of the following symptoms.

Swollen, tender breasts. 

Leg cramps.

A tendency to thrush, vaginal discharge and urinary infections such as cystitis.

Mild stomach upsets, feeling or being sick, a feeling of being bloated, stomach cramps.

Rashes or discolouration, swellings or red patches on the skin, loss of or increases in hair.

Minor eye changes which may cause difficulties if you wear contact lenses.

Headaches, dizziness, mood changes, muscular twitches.

Weight changes, changes in appetite.

Changes in sex drive (libido).